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Experienced Legal Guidance For Your Corporate Transaction

At Sung Hwang & Kim LLP, we understand how businesses operate. We represent businesses of all sizes in corporate transactions. Our reputation for knowledgeable legal counsel and for having experienced litigators attracts business leaders from around the country. In fact, many of our clients come to us through word of mouth.Our clients often first hear about our success in court and then request our guidance for transactional matters and general business counsel. That is when we begin to cultivate a close working relationship with our corporate clients, ensuring that we understand their objectives. Whether it concerns the purchase or sale of your business or assistance in a business startup, we are able to help our clients navigate complicated legal matters with their end goals always first in mind.

The Corporate Services We Provide For Clients

We have, at our service, a variety of resources allowing us to counsel and assist businesses with all matters that arise. We aid our clients in transaction matters such as:

Whether they have just started their business or they have been established for decades, we offer service to all types of corporate clients. We are available to help support legal matters from the ground up.

Counsel For The Courtroom

Our corporate representation goes beyond transactional issues and reaches into general legal counsel. We offer comprehensive guidance regarding business disputes and litigation. Our established pool of business clients trust us because of our background in big-firm corporate representation.

We offer a unique value to customers seeking experienced legal counsel at a competitive price. Our attorneys have provided counsel to major businesses at large firms in the past, and we can bring that experience to our clients. We do not waste resources at Sung Hwang & Kim LLP. Our philosophy is to focus on creating individualized legal counsel from an experienced team of lawyers.

Detailed Legal Plans To Protect Businesses

Our attorneys will take the time to listen to your business goals and can then map a comprehensive legal plan for our corporate clients. From start to finish, we will provide the detailed legal guidance our business clients need. Contact our office online or call us at 410-772-2324 to set up an initial meeting to discuss a successful, legal business plan.

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9256 Bendix Road, Suite 109, Columbia, MD 21045

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Annandale Office

7353 McWhorter Place, Suite 202, Annandale, VA 22203

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Sung Hwang & Kim LLP has its office in Columbia, Maryland, and regularly provides representation in Baltimore, Howard County and Montgomery County.
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